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Mark has played with many renowned musicians from around the world including Evan Parker, Peter Brotzmann, Derek Bailey, Myra Melford, Paul Rogers, Henry Grimes, Roswell Rudd, Okkyung Lee, Barry Guy, Tim Berne, Otomo Yoshihide, Luc Ex, Ken Vandermark, Sidsel Endresen and Jean Francois Pauvrois, in duo and quartets with Wadada Leo Smith and trios with Charles Gayle with Sirone and William Parker.

New collaborative projects include `Riverloam Trio` with Mikolaj Trzaska & Olie Brice, `Asunder` with Hasse Poulsen & Paul Dunmall, duos with John Butcher and DJ Sniff, `Statics` with Georg Graewe & John Butcher and trio with Rachel Musson & Liam Noble

Mark and John Edwards play as a rhythm section with many groups including Trevor Watts Quartet, `Foils` with Frank Paul Schubert and Matthius Muller, Mathew Shipp`s `London Quartet` also playing with Fred Frith, Wadada Leo Smith and Shabaka Hutchins amongst many others.

Christian Marclay`s `Everyday` project includes Mark with Christian, Steve Beresford, John Butcher and Alan Tomlinson, he also works regularly in the projects of Mikolaj Trzaska, Gail Brand, Paul Dunmall, Peter Jaquemyn, and Simon H Fell.

Mark has performed in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Morrocco, South Africa, Mozambique and Turkey, playing at many major festivals including, Nickelsdorf, Ulrichsburg, Glastonbury, Womad, Vancouver, Isle of Wight, Roskilde, Berlin Jazz days, Mulhouse, Luz, Minniapolis, Banlieue Bleues, Son D`hiver and Hurta Cordel.

He has released over 120 cds


Selected reviews..

….the other special ingredient is the ubiquitous, diverse and constantly creative drummer Mark Sanders, who always outdoes himself, whether playing with restraint or erupting like a dynamo.
Bruce L Gallenter, Downtown Music Gallery. NY

…Mark is just incredible and immensely diverse, he is at the center of "Kwingyaw" and it is difficult to tell what he is doing to get some of these sounds.
Bruce L Gallenter Downtown Music Gallery. NY

Ambient-pop chord patterns built to a huge, clamorous anthem, driven by a towering performance from drummer Sanders.
John Fordham. The Guardian

…in a set of explorations with drummer Mark Sanders, a gifted player capable of seamless movement between free-rhythms and propulsive swing
John Fordham. The Guardian


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